My Story

My name is Janie Allen and I welcome you to my site.  I have been married to my husband Bobby for 6 1/2 years.  I have 4 beautiful daughters and one handsome son, all children God gave me from two great men I have shared my life with.  I have worked for the Texas Department of Public Safety for over 24 years full time.  One day I will retire from DPS and sell Scentsy full time!  Wahoo!!

I am a true animal lover!  Any animal.  I currently have 9 dogs, 9 cats, and 2 goats, Billy the Kid and Ellie Mae!  I am the person everyone calls when they have an animal that needs to be rescued. 

I began selling Scentsy after using and loving the warmers and bars for years.  I was at my daughters house one day and she showed me a beautiful warmer she had just gotten in, Chasing Fireflies.  No sooner than I got in the car to leave I was on the website ordering one for myself.  It was November and I began to see all these beautiful things I loved and I had to have.  I thought to myself, I need to sell this stuff and let everyone else love it like I do. 

I believe in our products and I know you will too!  Please do not hesitate to contact me for any of your Scentsy needs. Love Scentsy like I do and want to JOIN my team? Click the Join button, follow the prompts and I'll be in touch! Let's ROCK this together!!

Smell on my friend!